About Me

A place where I write about my perspective on myself. Still a major WIP!

Basic information

Name's Priyanshu. I go by multiple aliases, including "priy".

Education and Professional Life

I am an Autodidact. I dropped out of high school in pursuance of self-education, years ago. And I am yet to find a professional footing, partially reasoned by my unwillingness to commit to anything.

My journey of self-education hasn't yet been the most ideal. It's been unstructured, chaotic, neglectful. And very driven by flow of curiosities, rather than rigorous planning and disciplined execution.

I have entrepreneurial aspirations that I have forever been putting off from full realization. There are ethical and performance standards I intend to meet, and shall expand upon with time. But in brief, I want to set examples of breakthrough innovation and progress, while keeping factors more important than profitability at higher precedence.

I aspire to challenge the perceptions of boundaries around possible levels of transparency, inclusivity, value-prioritization, large-scale collaboration, etc.

Some of my Areas of Interest

Exhaustive by no means!

You could find some narrow mentions of my present involvements in the "now" page


Words that describe me:
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I am often open to talk about anything at all! If I'd pique your interest though is very subjective, but you could take a try


Which also happen to be things I'd love to work on, both professionally and as hobbies!