What is it?

Failure to act in accordance to one’s best judgement. Major forces involved in causing it include executive dysfunction, fallacies, etc


  • Temporarily believing that one action is preferable to another.
    • May further be traced to difficulty in deterministic judgement
    • Fallacies

Curbing Akrasia the pragmatic way

  • Practising mindfulness
  • Keeping track of frequent akratic behavior
  • Analysing the cues and reasons behind impactful/frequent akrasia
  • Anticipating possible akrasia, and keeping workarounds handy
    • for example, it’s clear that in a networking event I am better off pushing myself to interact with more people - but credit to my social anxiety and introversion, I could very likely pull off. a simple counteractive tactic could be counting to 5 before without-thinking I interact with someone